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Posted by Stephen Hardy

JDSU's Superblade announcement was one of the highlights of last week's OFC/NFOEC. The integration of a wavelength-selective switch (WSS), EDFA, pre-amplification, and optical channel monitoring (OCM) onto a single-slot blade with its own OSS certainly represents a step forward in terms of functional integration.

A few hours after the Superblade announcement, I visited the booth of Israeli EDFA and OCM specialists RED-C Optical Networks. A source there said that his company had attempted a similar integration in 2006, combining in-house EDFA and OCM expertise with Capella's WSS. The source said the combination hadn't been as warmly received as RED-C and Capella had hoped, mainly because systems designers didn't want to give up software control of the WSS.

RED-C has a partnership with JDSU, so I asked the source if his company had passed along its experiences to JDSU. The source said they had, but that JDSU suggested that RED-C's experience was a couple of years old and the market was now ready for what the Superblade has to offer, including the OSS.

Contacted later at his booth, JDSU's General Manager, Subsystem Products, Optical Communications Doug Alteen said that his team hadn't heard about RED-C's experiences. He added that the OSS doesn't prevent the host system from controlling the operation of the blade.

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