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Thanks for the comments on Part 2. I will be addressing the use of Theremal Imagers later.

Here's Part 3.


posted by Skip Coleman
2/19/2008 02:50:00 PM

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Blogger medic9967 said...


I have some thoughts on this I would like you to consider and comment on. I am primarily speaking of single family dwelling searches. We teach our firefighters to stay on all fours and in constant contact with an outside wall. How many people are we going to find on an outside wall? I agree that a person should be left at the door or stay on an outside wall to keep the team oriented. Keep the oriented firefighter at the door. The other member that is going into the room to search should just go from the door to find a bed. Ask yourself, when you get up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom do you leave your bed and go straight to the door? Do you find an outside wall to follow to get to the door? You are going to just go to the door aren't you? I beleive that is what occupants will do as well. If we search that path from the door to the bed we will have searched the highest propbable area unless it is a childs room and they go hide. When we find the bed search underneath it with your hand, not a tool. Get on top of the bed, your tank will hit the bottom rail if it is a bunkbed. Then run your hand down the outside wall. It is common to have a nightstand between the bed and the wall. People fall down there and you WILL miss them. The obvious goal is to search the high target hazard areas in the least amount of time.

I couldn't agree more on the rope search. Our department introduced it a few years ago and it hasn't been used since.

I certainly would not want anyone holding onto a part of me. Get off of my boot or outside leg. Keep one member on a wall to keep someone oriented and let the other person search as long as you stay in voice communication I see no problem on getting off of a wall to search the common paths of travel.

Thank you for your blogs. I look forward to more information on a wide variety of topics.


Springfield, Illinois

Wed Feb 20, 10:59:00 PM EST  
Blogger Skip Coleman said...

Medic 9967,
I am in Virginia Beach teaching at the Chiefs Conference. I'll be back Sunday and answer in detail then.

Thu Feb 21, 05:02:00 PM EST  

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