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Father's Day 2001
Queens, New York

I could not let such an important day pass with mentioning two things: first. the many fathers who selflessly made the ultimate sacrifice in the finest traditions of our service, whose memories we celebrate as we celebrate all fathers today. And second, the lessons all of us have benefited from having such incredible men in our lives. I thought a great way to share with you today would be to reread the words of the late Andy Fredericks (KIA 9/11/2001), himself a world-class father, who whenever you would call--if he wasn't writing a new Fire Engineering article--would be working on his house for his true love, his wife and his daughters. I hope you enjoy his perspective on a the Father's Day Fire, a fire which reminds us all that life is precious and that our jobs are now and forever extremely dangerous.

This was the last known published piece by our friend Andy and he wrote it for our freinds Paul and Ted who run follow this link to read this inspiring piece on the Fathers Day Fire on Nuggets and access using their FREE log on info OR register as a new User which is all here

May God Bless you all keep you safe. Happy Father's Day and be careful out there.


posted by Bobby Halton
6/14/2008 07:45:00 PM

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Blogger Mark said...

Andy, your words and wisdom will live for generations to come.
Rest in peace knowing you have positively influenced so many...

Wed Jun 18, 12:22:00 PM EDT  

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