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After nearly a year of researching, assessing, and discussing the importance of caring for the needs of emergency service workers who have been critically injured in the line of duty, the IAFC SHS board of directors is releasing a survey (link to survey is below) to collect more detailed and specific information on those needs. The survey will assist us in gathering resources and in developing SOGs for departments to use in the event a critical firefighter injury.

Link to survey:

Please help us spread the word about this survey so that we can obtain as much information as possible. If you know of a firefighter or emergency medical service worker who has been injured, please let them know about this survey. It is confidential and the information gathered will only be reviewed by the project committee.

Thank you for helping us get the word out on this very important project.

Wendy Norris
IAFC SHS Section PIO/Section Member
Master Chaplain/Instructor Federation of Fire Chaplains

posted by Bobby Halton
11/08/2008 04:09:00 PM

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Blogger shopa said...

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I have also invented a protective tent which fills with water from the powered hose. Since electric power is also available, an air purifier can be used.

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Sun Nov 09, 12:28:00 PM EST  
Blogger Jason Keen said...

Has any research been done on how big of an effect the economy will have on the fire industry?

It is not looking good and we are only in the beginning stages of the recession. We are having some difficulties up here in Philadelphia. How is across the land?

Jason Keen
[email protected]

Thu Dec 18, 02:57:00 PM EST  

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