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Just a few short weeks after celebrating the miracle on the Hudson, America today is mourning the loss of 50 citizens who boarded a plane last night from New Jersey reroute to Buffalo New York. Reported to be on that plane was a woman who was going to celebrate the birthday anniversary of her husband which she lost on 9/11. Tragically one person among the dead was a resident of the home which the plane impacted. Clarence Center New York is a small community just outside of Buffalo where most the neighbors know one another and surely today they are dealing with the aftermath of last night's disaster.

The firefighters of Clarence Center are being supported by mutual aid companies from around the area. The mindset It couldn't happen here fortunately is not something which the good firefighters and Clarence allowed to fester in their organization. You can tell by listening to the tapes that they immediately knew what to do and how to set up for a long-term campaign style firefight.

While our thoughts and prayers are with the families of those were lost we also continue to hope that our fellow firefighters stay safe as they continue to manage this major event. I like to thank my good friend Billy G. for providing me a link to the good folks at the Erie County fire wire who have a tremendous site which has radio traffic and video from the event.

The fire journalist Dave Slater, of Slatter911 has excellent coverage of this event please follow this link and include Slatter911 in your favorites it has long been one of mine.

On a very upseting note the Associated Press has just released that the tenants of the Black Sunday Fire have been acquitted of charges. To read more go to:'Black_Sunday'_firefighter_deaths

posted by Bobby Halton
2/13/2009 04:47:00 PM

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