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Posted by Stephen Hardy

A few stray bits of info to add to the story on the most recent twist in Australia's National Broadband Network (NBN) plans that I posted yesterday:

  • The Australian Government has posted a whitepaper entitled "National Broadband Network: Regulatory Reform for 21st Century Broadband" that lays out more details of what it has up its sleeve. You can find it here.
  • One interesting tidbit contained in the paper that I neglected to include in my story is that FTTH will be mandated for greenfield developments starting in July 2010.
  • Some have stated that the Government's new plan is a positive outcome for Telstra, since it potentially provides a way for the incumbent carrier to participate in the NBN after being shut out of the original RFP. However, the document makes clear that the Government plans to put the squeeze on Telstra to further open its network to competitors -- and this outcome was one of the major reasons Telstra balked at submitting a complete response to the RFP. The document also ponders the possibility of limiting the types of businesses Telstra could acquire or forcing it to divest its hybrid fiber/coax network.
  • Reaction from the companies involved in the RFP were mixed. Telstra and Singtel Optus appear ready to make the best of things, while TransACT is "disappointed."

One good place to follow the action is Australian FTTH News, a blog by consultant Stephen Davies.


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