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Ron Martin redux

August 5, 2009

Posted by Stephen Hardy

UPDATE: So having belatedly blogged about Ron Martin's departure from ADVA Optical Networking Wednesday, it comes to light Thursday that he has a new job: vice president for worldwide sales at Infinera. (Scott Chandler and Howard Lukens remain at the Digital Optical Networking company.) As always, timing is everything in the media business...

Here's the Wednesday post:

In the midst of announcing the results for the second quarter of 2009, ADVA Optical Networking also revealed that Ron Martin, who had joined the company in November 2007 as chief marketing and strategy officer with a focus on expanding ADVA Optical Networking's North American customer base, left the company at the end of June. Brian Protiva, company CEO, positioned the departure as a cost-cutting move arrived at "by mutual agreement."

Here's an interview I did with Martin at last year's NXTcomm in which he explained what he hoped to achieve.

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