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Posted by Stephen Hardy

The folks at StrataLight Communications followed up the Cisco/Comcast 100G demo announcement by confirming that they had provided the optics. But according to Ross Saunders, general manager of next-generation transport at StrataLight, the company isn't focusing on productizing the interface used in the demo in the short term.

Saunders wouldn't provide many details (such as modulation format) of the "DWDM optics" his company supplied for the demo, other than to confirm that it involved a single wavelength running at 100G. The interface did not use the 100G chipset the company recently announced, either.

As the IC announcement implied and Saunders confirmed, StrataLight is focusing its 100G attention in the near term on a muxponder product that could be used to aggregate 10G and 40G wavelengths as an interim step toward serial 100G transmission. Saunders says the muxponder or "multiplexing transponder" is slated to be delivered to an OEM and a carrier for trials within the next month. When and if the prototype evolves into a commercially available product will hinge largely on the reaction it generates during these trials.

Meanwhile, the company continues its work in the 40G space.

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