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MSO PONs now or later?

April 3, 2009

Posted by Stephen Hardy

The NCTA Cable Show in Washington, DC, this week inspired a few announcements targeting the use of FTTH technology by MSOs, based either on RFoG, PON (here and here), or both.

But while many have speculated that RFoG is merely a waypoint on the path to PONs, John Dalquist, vice president of marketing at Aurora Networks, says MSOs aren't exactly stampeding toward the use of PON for residential applications. Most of his customers that are thinking about serving homes with fiber are going the RFoG route, he says. PON, for the most part, is being reserved right now for the delivery of commercial services to businesses.

The exception is in Europe, where there's interest in what Dalquist called a "blast and split" approach that looks a lot like Verizon's combination of RF broadcast and IP services via PON.

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NXTcomm Notes

June 19, 2008

Posted by Stephen Hardy

Quickly reviewing my reporter's notebook while I chomp on a bagel in the press room Thursday morning, here's what I find:

Net Insight, which has ridden its DTM technology to success in the video broadcast market, hopes to make a bigger name for itself in North America through support of telepresence and multiservice delivery...Mintera execs Terry Unter (pres and CEO) and Niall Robinson (VP, prod marketing) claim that they've shipped their 40G transponders to "seven or eight" customers, five of whom have designed the module into a system -- and, in some cases, more than one...Speaking of 40G, rumor has it that the "high speed" company Opnext currently is looking at most closely for acquisition (see blog post below) is StrataLight Communications...Having speculated in the same blog post that it might make sense for Opnext to look at CoreOptics, I asked Saeid Aramideh, VP of global sales, marketing and business Development, about the possibility. He said his company sees itself as a consolidator, not a consolidatee -- and hinted that CoreOptics might prove that in the reasonably near future...Everyone is talking about having an RF return path capability on their PON or other FTTX product to address the MSO market as well as other carriers who want to add on-demand services without abandoning their current RF infrastructure. EPON vendor Alloptic claims that at least some of the GPON vendors touting this capability are using their technology -- which they refuse to sell to other EPON vendors...For every vendor touting WDM-PON at the show (and there are several), there's another saying that there probably isn't much of a market for it between now and the time more affordable 10G PON technology will be available...While the OIF has given its blessing to dual-polarization QPSK for 100G transport, neither Hitachi Telecom nor Adva Optical Networking think that's the right way to go. They don't seem too concerned about the OIF's current direction. If AT&T; or Verizon announced they'd prefer a different modulation format, the OIF would undoubtedly pull an about-face, one source speculated.

More to come later...

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