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Anne Nugent Guignon, RDH, MPH, is a senior consulting editor with RDH magazine. She is an international speaker who has published numerous articles and authored several textbook chapters. Her popular programs include ergonomics, patient comfort, burnout, and advanced diagnostics and therapeutics. Recipient of the 2004 Mentor of the Year Award, Anne is an ADHA member and has practiced clinical dental hygiene in Houston, Texas, since 1971. You can reach her at [email protected] or (713) 974-4540, and her Web site is

RDH Under One Roof is an action packed event offering quality dental hygiene continuing education. At RDH Under One Roof the dental hygienist can experience dental hygiene continuing education courses with some of the leading speakers in the industry. RDH Exhibitors feature new dental hygiene products, new dental products and dental equipment.

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Every RDH Under One Roof has a signature conference tote bag. This year's version was a beautiful hot pink, which is a hot fashion color for summer dressing. Male hygienists might not be wild about the color of the bags, but the women attendees loved them. The waterproof bag complete with lots of small and medium pockets was perfect for organizing all of the conference stuff in one neat place.

The photos from this year's event, especially the exhibit hall, are particularly colorful due to the hundreds of hot pink bags slung over the arms of attendees. This year's bag is going to be a handy tote for future outings throughout the year and will bring back fond memories of our time together in Chicago.

Immediately after UOR, I flew to another conference in New York City. The bags at that event were red and black and the registration booth ran out before the end of the first day. This has never happened at UOR and I am sorry I had shipped my new hot pink bag home from Chicago, rather than stuffing it into my suitcase.

posted by Anne Nugent Guignon, RDH, MPH @ 8/18/2008 02:38:00 PM

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I don't know about the rest of you but it's been a busy couple of weeks since the Chicago RDH Under One Roof conference. It takes a bit of time to decompress after the event, which just gets better and better every year.

There are so many things to talk about before an UOR, and it seems a shame that the chatter ceases for a couple of months after the annual event. In addition, every year there are a number of UOR aficionados who can't make the conference for one reason or another, but I know they are eager to read about what went on and experience the conference vicariously.

Even if you were able to attend UOR, the event is now so big it is impossible to experience every aspect of the conference, so no matter how hard one tries, you miss out on something during this hectic, annual event.

So rather than let the blog go dormant, I’ll be sharing the reflections, adventures and observations from those who were lucky enough to attend this year's event.

posted by Anne Nugent Guignon, RDH, MPH @ 8/18/2008 02:34:00 PM

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Everyone of has faced compromising issues. Did you create an environment that lead to a problem? How have you resolved the situations? Were your actions or response appropriate?

"Achieving Excellence ... And All That Jazz" is going to be hilarious. We've got a stellar group of zany dental hygienists from all over North America who are going to be on trial for committing crimes of passion in response to some thorny ethical and moral dilemmas. Get ready for a two-hour humorous look at our everyday challenges.

Did you ever want a chance to pass judgment on a criminal case? If so, the RDH Under One Roof wrap-up session is the perfect opportunity. Everyone in the audience is going to be part of the action! You're going to be the jury members at this once in a lifetime event.

And did you know that one lucky attendee will win hotel accommodations and conference tuition to the 2009 UOR in Las Vegas?You could be the lucky winner!

posted by Anne Nugent Guignon, RDH, MPH @ 7/23/2008 11:10:00 AM

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Anonymous Anonymous said...
I would like to see this lecture however I am not going to RDH underone roof. Is there a way to buy a recording of it?
Tue Jul 29, 03:02:00 PM CDT  

It's been a long time coming, but people all over the country are becoming more conscious of our environment. Pollution and dwindling natural resources are fueling the green movement.

This year's RDH Under One Roof is doing its part by putting all general session course handouts online. If you're the type who loves to take notes on a paper handout, go to and click on the Handout tab on the left side of the page. Select a course and fill in the user name and password that is in your registration packet. Download the pdf file. Either print your own personal copy and bring it to the conference or save the pdf file to your hard drive for future reference. You make the choice!

Workshops and small group presentations, sponsored by individual companies, are not part of the green option yet. All general session handouts will be available on line for 90 days after the conference.

posted by Anne Nugent Guignon, RDH, MPH @ 7/23/2008 11:06:00 AM

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Like so many events, the RDH Under One Roof conference has developed some unique traditions throughout the years. Several years ago, there was a banner celebrating the UOR history. Hygienists from all over the world penned permanent greetings in a variety of languages on that banner, which will be on display with the 2007 version. Plan to leave your mark in history on this year’s banner.

Personalized luggage tags are fun and make it so much easier to spot your luggage in an airport baggage claim. Once again, there is an official 2008 UOR luggage tag for each conference attendee. It's a great way to market your profession. I've even had fellow travelers comment on the tags as I travel around the country.

Every UOR has little badge ribbon dubbed "The Word of the Year." Powerful words provide special focus through out the year. "Opportunity," "Attitude," "Outlook," and "Inspire" are now in the word hall of fame. Look out for this year’s winning word.

posted by Anne Nugent Guignon, RDH, MPH @ 7/10/2008 11:03:00 AM

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Anonymous Anonymous said...
HOw do I get one of the 2008 UOR luggage tags??
Mon Jul 28, 11:30:00 AM CDT  

Anonymous Anne said...
Twenty-two dental hygienists passed out purple luggage tags and ENERGIZE! ribbons. If you were at the conference, I hope you got one of each. If not, please e-mail me directly at [email protected] and we'll work something out.
Fri Aug 08, 09:21:00 AM CDT  

UOR veterans know the drill. The RDH Under One Roof conference is a great mix of education, exhibits, networking and partying. The conference festivities start out on Thursday at the annual Dentsply Welcome Reception from 6:30 to 8 in the exhibit hall. The party continues on Friday night from 4:30 to 6:30 with Sunstar Americas Award of Distinction Ceremony honoring this year's eight lucky recipients of this prestigious award. The annual Discus Bon Voyage Farewell Reception from 4 to 6 on Saturday night.

There's no need to worry about when or where to have lunch on either Friday or Saturday. Lunch on these two days is included as a regular part of your conference registration. Colgate is treating all conference attendees in the exhibit hall on Friday from 12:30 to 2:30 PM. Lunch on Saturday is courtesy of SDS Orascoptic and runs from 12:30 until 2PM.

In addition, the conference typically hosts an off-site social networking event on Friday nights. This year, RDH Under One Roof is hosting its off-site event at Hu-Friedy, which is celebrating its 100th birthday this year. The deadline for registering is July 17 (there is a $10 registration fee for it), and you can register at If you have already registered for the meeting, you can add the off-site event at Hu-Friedy by sending an email to [email protected].

Rest up before Chicago, and come prepared to learn and laugh at this year's fabulous conference.

posted by Anne Nugent Guignon, RDH, MPH @ 7/08/2008 11:43:00 AM

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Well, I'll be the first to admit that I hate shopping. But I love exhibits at professional meetings. Maybe it's because it's so much more fun to learn about new products, technologies, or techniques than it is to try on outfit after outfit. Perhaps it's a throwback to my Catholic school days where uniforms took all of the mystery out of what to wear to school every day.

This year's exhibit hall is amazing. I just counted 80 booths! Now that's a lot of different companies and organizations vying for our attention from Thursday to Saturday at RDH Under One Roof. The first UOR in Denver had only six or seven exhibitors, and less than 100 registered for the entire meeting.

Everyone who went had a great time, but we all wondered if UOR would ever make it. Well, the last couple of years have proven the original dream was solid. The exhibit hall is a center showcase for this year's event. I'll see you on the floor!

posted by Anne Nugent Guignon, RDH, MPH @ 6/30/2008 09:28:00 AM

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