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Just when FireEMS services are finally getting up to snuff disinfecting medical equipment, the FDA issued a big whoa to all of us about the potential for cleaning chemicals to damage medical devices. Surf to for a copy of the advisory. Years ago, many of us learned that we could permanently fog the screens of our monitor/defibrillators by cleaning them with some brands of ammonia containing cleaners. Now the FDA is suggesting that every service take an inventory of thier medical equipment and consult manufacturer instructions to assure that wipes or sprays used to decon that equipment are appropriate. Probably wise advice, given the potential for catastrophic failure which tends to occurs right in the middle of patient care.

Mike McEvoy
FireEMS Technical Editor
[email protected]

posted by Mike McEvoy
11/02/2007 06:57:00 AM

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Blogger Firoj Khan said...

FDA is keeping very close eye on these thing which is unhealthy for human beings. Their efforts should be appreciated. Congratulations for this great work !!!!!!

Firoj Khan
webmaster :

Thu Jun 05, 08:21:00 AM EDT  

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