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The issue of Firefighter Safety and Survival has always been the reason we train. Leaders are the trainers, so to give you the very best tools to address the what we felt were the MOST important issues in this year's 2008 Safety, Health and Survival Week:
1. Fully implement NFPA 1500, compliant PPE.
2. Train and enforce use of PPE, including respiratory protection

We had some important questions. What do you know about your gear and its functionality? What would you do to avoid burn injuries if your gear became superheated? What is your departments SOP on Doffing gear? If you are like 99 percent of departments, you have never received any training on what to do in such an an emergency. Read and share Doffing Superheated Turnout Gear by Patrick Brown CFD for the answer.

What training have you had using the drag rescue device now mandatory on all new gear? Read and share Yocco Firefighter Drag Rescue Device by Frank Ricci and Anthony Avillo from the Fire Engineering 2008 personal protective equipment e-Newsletter, sponsored by Globe.

Finally, our gear and our work can be a deadly combination. Learn how to protect your firefighters. Read and share Physiological Status Monitoring for Firefighters: Watching Out for Stress and Overexertion Before It's Too Late by Mark Mordecai, also from the 2008 Fire Engineering personal protective equipment e-Newsletter, sponsored by Globe.

Make this week mean something. Read and share real training information that will make a difference today, from firefighters just like you who have been there and want to share. Hey, and remember--be careful out there.


posted by Bobby Halton
6/25/2008 08:08:00 AM

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