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Posted by Meghan Fuller Hanna

Well, I'm back from my honeymoon, and I first want to thank all of you who called or sent email messages of congratulations. I know I have been talking about my wedding and the Red Sox ad nauseam lately (sometimes not even in that order), so I also wanted to say thanks to all who graciously endured my ceaseless chatter!

I promised I would post a few photos from the big day, so here goes. The first is one of my favorites of the two of us, taken just before the reception. A few months before the wedding, Stephen's wife, Kristin Lewotsky, gave us a great piece of advice: Take a moment just for the two of you, just to be together and let it all sink in before the hoopla begins, she suggested, and we're very glad now that we took her advice.

You'll no doubt recognize some folks in the second photo; the Lightwave sales and editorial staff was there en masse to cheer me on! From left to right, Lightwave's Editorial Director Stephen Hardy; National Account Manager Greg Goulski; our Publisher, Tim Pritchard; me (in the Sox hat) with my new husband, John; National Strategic Account Manager Kathleen Skelton; and Managing Editor Carrie Meadows.

And finally, I have included a photo of our guest book. To commemorate the anniversary of the Red Sox winning the World Series in 2004 (little did we know they would do it again the next day!) John and I asked our guests to sign a Major League Baseball-issue home plate in lieu of the traditional guest book.

So thanks again for indulging me over the past few months. I promise to once again turn my attention to fiber optics (although the Patriots are working on a record-breaking season, and the resurgent Celtics are 3-0 . . . . )

--Mrs. Meghan Fuller Hanna


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The Lightwave editorial staff uses The Lightwave Blog to share their thoughts on optical communications and whatever else might be the current topic of conversation from cubicle to cubicle. Feel free to add your own opinions.

Stephen Hardy is editorial director and associate publisher of Lightwave, which makes him responsible for the editorial aspects of the Lightwave franchise. A technology journalist since 1982, he once had his job duties described as "gets paid to tick off advertisers ".

Meghan Fuller is senior editor of Lightwave. She has degrees from Franklin & Marshall College in Lancaster, PA, and the University of Delaware and is a card-carrying member of Red Sox Nation.