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From Jesse Kurtz of Alberta, Canada, on Paul H. Stein's latest Web article:

The example Mr. Stein uses is tougher to deal with that first meets the eye. Perhaps the firefighter at the lumber store had been feeling poorly early in the day, and did not want to take a chance on going to work. Then later in the day he was feeling better, and figured once his shift was over, it would be OK to take the lumber he had gotten on his days off, back to the lumber store. He was not working when the "new officer" saw him, and thus was not in violation of any rules. We could jump to the conclusion that he was "faking it", but as I pointed out, it is not always that simple. Do we want to take a chance and accuse an innocent person? If he had been seen at the lumber store in the middle of his shift, that would be a different situation.

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posted by Peter Prochilo
3/05/2008 11:21:00 AM

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