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Forcible entry tactics have always been important skills however today they are becoming more and more important to our success and survival on the fireground. Think for a second of a strip mall or taxpayer where multiple lines in adjoining occupancies and involved businesses require us to force multiple doors quickly and effectively. Fire Engineering wants you to see and comment on an article by Sam Hittle of the Wichita (KS) Fire Department.Forcible Entry on Exit Hardware from this weeks e-newsletter. We are excited to be the first to embed multiple videos in our online articles. Sam's article has 14 embedded videos, showing you how to do the evolution. We want to know what you think.

We kicked off season 2 of Training Minutes Here is a link to Captain John Buckheit's video on Going through the lock

Let's talk more about Training Ninutes and what you want to see. I promise you more Ray McCormack, Mike Ciampo, Dave Dalrymple and our other regulars. Watch for Jim McCormack's upcoming series of Training Minutes on firefighter rescue as only Jim can deliver. We at Fire Engineering are listening to you.

In our online community we have connected to a group of professionals who are second to none. If you are not a member, join now. Every day you're not involved you will miss something critical. If you are not getting our e-newsletter, you are missing critical free fire service training opportunities! If you are in the community, keep posting. If you want to see the the newsletter, click here for your free subscription and remember: be careful out there.

Chief Bobby Halton

posted by Bobby Halton
7/09/2008 11:06:00 AM

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