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Below are some interesting shots sent in by Fire Engineering readers. Click on the photos below to see more. The first ones are from Anna Lisboa Bonadio in Brazil.

Anna writes:

This fire happened in August 19, 2005...
That is a historical building in Florianopolis, SC, Brazil. It is the city public market, as we call it. The fire started in the morning and completely destroyed the north section of the building...The firefighters had to be extremely brave to compensate the lack of resources: the hidrant[sic] was dry and they had to use the water from local buildings, the water flow was no where near enough.
That was not the first fire in that building and it was extremely unsafe.

The second set comes from William Kempf. These photos of the damage from a huge explosion at a Big Spring, Texas, oil refinery in February.

You can read more about that recent incident HERE from Fox News.

And don't forget: You can sign up now on the Fire Engineering Training Community and upload your photos and videos. Just go to or click on the "Community" tab at the top of the page.


posted by Peter Prochilo
3/11/2008 03:57:00 PM

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